Sandestin Gumbo Festival // Destin Photo Booth

Sandestin Gumbo Festival // Destin Photo Booth

We had a pretty spectacular time this past weekend at Sandestin’s 25th Annual Gumbo Festival, which was held in the Village of Baytowne Wharf.  How could you not enjoy two full days worth of sunshine (in February!), the area’s top chefs whipping up massive amounts of gumbo, live entertainment, beverages, and fun?  Well, it could have been much less enjoyable sans photo booth.  Think about it: You’ve laughed and danced and pushed your way through the crowd, then filled yourself to the brim with some of the best gumbo around.  Stopping short of exiting the festivities, you think to yourself, “Self, what’s missing from this oh-so-incredible day?  What’s the one thing that would make my Gumbo Fest experience just that much better?”  Spotting the photo booth off in the distance, and the obvious flutter of fun you’re missing out on, the answer is as clear to you as the water is on Crab Island, pre-Spring Break invasion.  That’s pretty darn clear, you guys.

Looking for a ridiculously fun way to market your event?  Bring in a photo booth — especially our fancy Social Click or iBooth, which both have social media sharing capabilities — and watch your brand get exposed all over the planet.  For proof, scroll down and check out how we boosted the Gumbo Fest’s exposure with their custom-branded photos, using our brand-spanking-new iBooth.  It’s basically genius marketing, dontcha think?

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