Jamie + Ryan // Watercolor Wedding Photo Booth

Jamie + Ryan // Watercolor Wedding Photo Booth

Jamie and Ryan’s recent Watercolor wedding was a HOOT.  We’re basically a necessity at any event or happening deemed a “hoot”.  “Riot”, “blast” and “rockstar party” are also instances in which our presence is required.  Working alongside the talented folks of Pure 7 Studios, and our Watercolor friends made this 30A wedding most excellent.

Huge thanks to Jamie and Ryan’s incredible coordinator, Cheryl, for inviting us to be a part of such an awesome celebration.  They were one of the most gracious couples ever, and it was an honor to be there.

To see the full group of riot-worthy photo booth images (in high-res and available for download to show off to all your friends), move your little eyeballs about 3 inches to the left on your screen (<—- over there) and click on ‘Your Event Photos’.  Or, just click here.  Easy.

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