Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown // Santa Rosa Beach Photo Booth

Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown // Santa Rosa Beach Photo Booth

Definition of throwdown: a performance or competition between rappers,  breakdancers, etc.

That definition is pretty hilariously off-the-mark in terms of describing the recent Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown event we took part in, but it had to be shared.  Could be good to keep in mind for next year’s event; nothing like a little rap competition among friends after a few glasses of wine and plate after plate of some of the best ribs around (we made sure to sample both the wine and the ribs just so we could say that in our post-event write-up.  Research, development and quality control, people).

Ribs and wine?  Yep.  Ribs and wine.  That’s what the Chi Chi Miguel Throwdown is all about: Food, fun and raising money for multiple charities over the course of two days and non-stop event action.  Saturday’s event consisted of a ribs competition between a handful of teams comprised of chefs, winemakers and celebrities.  We’re big fans of all of the above, so we were super-stoked to bring in our Social Click photo booth to capture the throwdown festivities and associated tomfoolery in all its glory.

We witnessed a lot of fun being had at the Throwdown, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.  Any event that raises nearly $1M for multiple charities gets an A++ in our books!  Big thanks to the ladies of Monark Events for putting together such an incredible event and bringing us in to be a part of it!

Wanna see a cool Throwdown video, too?  Check out this highlights film from our friends over at Pure 7 Studios!

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