Girls’ Night Out // Destin Photo Booth

Girls’ Night Out // Destin Photo Booth

Gossip.  Martinis.  A few close girlfriends.  Maybe some chandelier-swinging.  These may all be visions conjured up when one hears “Girls’ Night Out”, but we can attest to the fact that when Proffitt PR puts on a Girls’ Night Out (also affectionately known as ‘GNO’), there may just be all of the above involved . . . but with a few hundred of your closest friends.  If you haven’t yet heard of this awesome event, then you probably need to march right on over to their Facebook page to check out what all the hype’s about (and then make plans to attend their next one).

We were pretty stoked to be asked to participate in last September’s GNO.  Held at Elephant Walk Sandestin, the event raised just over $12,500 (WHOA.) to benefit local charity, Shelter House.  While we effectively thwarted any attempts at chandelier-swinging, we did manage to coax some really fun ladies into our booth using our highly effective and mostly top secret prop-coaxing tactics.

Thanks for inviting us to be a part of such an incredible event, Proffitt PR!  (If you want to see us and the rest of the night in action, check out this awesome video from Pure7 Films!)



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