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Event Details

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Terms & Conditions

This is a Service Contract between Facetime Photobooth (“FP”) and Client (“Client”) listed above.

Photo Booth Location Requirements:
Booth location must be indoors unless other arrangements have been agreed upon in writing by “Client” and “FP” prior to the event. The location of the photo booth must have 8 feet of floor-to-ceiling clearance; must have a standard 110-volt grounded power outlet within 20 ft; must be placed on a hard, level, permanent surface (tile, hardwood, concrete, etc); must be under cover; and must be out of direct sunlight. Please contact us immediately if you are not sure your booth location meets one or more of these requirements.

Event Location and Times:
Event to be held at “Event Location” listed above. The active photo booth rental will be from the “Booth Start” time until the “Booth Stop” time as listed above. The booth will not be available for use outside these times, nor during any scheduled “Idle Time” as listed above.

“Client” agrees to pay “FP” the “Total Contract Amount” as listed above. A non-refundable “Retainer” listed above must be paid by credit card or check at time of contracting, unless otherwise noted by “FP”. A Client Agreement must be submitted to “FP”, along with the retainer, to secure a date. A date cannot be held or secured for the “Client” without the signed agreement AND retainer, unless otherwise noted by “FP”. The “Balance” shall be due and payable no later than five days prior to the event unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon in writing between “Client” and “FP”. There is a possibility of a short service interruption – approximately 5 minutes – in order to change photo paper and toner. This time is figured into the rental period and will not be credited to the “Client”.

Cancellation Policy:
In the case of cancellation per “Client’s” written request on or prior to the “Balance” due date listed above, “Client” will be refunded any payments made, minus the “Retainer”. If services are cancelled after this date, no paid amount will be refunded.

“Client” will be responsible for damages incurred from actions of the “Client” or client’s guests while the booth is on-site at the event location. For the safety of the guests and the protection of the photo booth equipment, “FP” does not allow smoking, food or beverages inside the photo booth at any time. “Client” will be notified of any damages incurred within 48 hours of event, at which time repair costs will be collected by “FP”.

Forced Idle Time:
If booth cannot be removed from the event at the conclusion of the contracted time (“Booth Stop” time), “Client” will be billed at the standard idle time rate of $25 per half-hour until the booth can be removed without affecting the event or the image of “FP” in a negative manner.

Responsibility of Hosted Photos:
“Client” assumes all liability and responsibility of all photos uploaded to “FP” hosting website. “FP” will make every reasonable effort to exclude any distasteful or inappropriate photos from hosting website. Additionally, “FP” will remove any photos from the hosting site if requested to do so. “FP” reserves the right to use any appropriate photos taken during the rental period to be used for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes, including but not limited to the company website, social networking sites, print advertising, internet advertising, brochures and marketing materials.

**This Service Contract constitutes the entire agreement between “FP” and “Client”, and supersedes any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this contract. There are no other valid promises, conditions, understandings or other agreements, whether oral or written, relating to the subject matter of this agreement.**

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